See Class Act Tuxedo  on - High School Sweethearts | My Dream Quinceañera - Frida Ep 2 (

Lloyd C., Hemet HS Prom 2021

Kristopher S., GOHS Prom 2021

Robert  J., TVHS Prom 2021
Ethan B. , CHS Homecoming 2021

Lloyd C., Hemet HS Prom 2021

David H., and Audrey D., GOHS Prom 2021

Matthew H. Heritage Prom 2021

Gabe J. VMHS Prom 2021

Rene M., 2021 Quinceanera

Nicholas L.,  TCHS Prom 2021

Xzavier C. VMHS Homecoming 2021

Daniel N VMHS Homecoming 2021
Luke K., MMHS Homecoming 2021

Kristofer K., MMHS Prom 2021

Phillip C. TVHS Prom 2021

Logan B., LSHS Prom 2021

Andrew S., TVHS Prom 2021

Zarian D., TCHS Prom 2021

Mateo L., VMHS Prom 2021

Andres B., 2019

Alex B. and Natasha S.  TVHS H.C. 2021
Giani H. CHS H.C. 2021

Brian J. and Amier Prom 2021

Carson S., MVHS Prom 2021

Nathan R., MVHS Prom 2021
Aiden C., VMHS Prom 2021

Micah V., TVHS Prom 2019

Ryan D. TVHS Prom 2021

Ryan D., and Phillip C. TVHS Prom 2021

Abby F., MMHS Homecoming 2021

Anthony M., Heritage HS Homecoming 2021

Kahmora A. with little brother, Lakeside HS Homecoming 2021

Julius S. GOHS Homecoming 2021

Rio D., VMHS Prom 2021

Nico H., LFCHS Prom 2021

Trenton G., Heritage HS Prom 2021
Reshawn B., MMHS Prom 2021

Nathan T., MVHS Prom 2021

         Miles M and Bailey H., Rancho Christian HS 2021

Marcos M., Hemet HS Prom 2021

Jesus U., and Victoria G., Heritage Prom 2021
Brandon R., MVHS Prom 2021

Marcus H., MVHS  Prom 2021

Elijah Y. , EHS Prom 2021
Ralston L. San Diego Prom 2021

Cody C.  PVHS Prom 2021

Drake R., MMHS Prom 2021

Jordan M., GOHS 2020

Aiden S., 2020

Brenden W., Heritage HS Prom 2021

Brenden W., Canon S., and Nate H., 

Heritage HS Prom 2021

Giancarlo TVHS Prom 2021

Evan C. MMHS Prom 2021

Noah M., LFCHS Prom 2021

David G., Bonsall HS Prom 2021

Jack H. MMHS Prom 2021

Brandon K. MMHS Prom 2021

Christopher R., Heritage HS Prom 2021

Noah M., FBHS Prom 2021

Aiden S., VMHS Prom 2021

Elliott O., LSHS Prom 2021

Ozzy M., VMHS Prom 2021

Ian H., EHS Prom 2021

Andrew J., LFCHS Prom 2021

Andrew J., LFCHS Prom 2021

Eddie A. Heritage Prom 2021

Kyle B., VMHS Prom 2021

Jaden D., Heritage Prom 2021

Nate H., Heritage Prom 2021
Andon L. TVHS Prom 2021

David P. TVHS Prom 2021

Kevin G., LSHS Prom 2021

Thomas J., VMHS Prom 2021
Jhayden R. Prom 2021

Elijah P. LFCHS Prom 2021

Anthony G., PVHS Prom 2021

Austin C., MMHS Prom 2018

Alex M., Fresno Prom 2021

Elijah R., MVHS Prom 2021

Ocean M. Hemet HS Prom 2021

Jesse G.,  EHS Prom 2021

Logan and Brent P. Prom 2021

Frankie C., Hemet HS Prom 2021

Jack M., TCHS Prom 2021

Bryant S.,  EHS Prom 2021
Cameron K., MVHS Prom 2021

Kenny G., MVHS Prom 2021

Jensen D., GOHS Prom 2021

Isaac R., MVHS Prom 2021
Evan C., MVHS Prom 2021

Juan R. MVHS Prom 2021

Devin V., Gavin G., Leyton V., and Jack G., MVHS Prom 2021

Nolan M., MVHS Prom 2021

Steve M., TCHS Prom 2021

Tim G., EHS Prom 2021

Matthew M., CHS Prom 2021

Jacob N., MVHS Prom 2021
Troy L., Hemet Prom 21 (left photo), and Prom 2019 (right photo)

Steven H. (to the left), TCHS Prom 2021

Ricky J., EHS Prom 2021

Congrats to our Homecoming King James W.  Pictured with twin brother Jack W.  GOHS 2021
HS Buddies 
Chris I. and James W. (Homecoming King), GOHS 2021

Carson M., Lakeside HS Prom 2021

Manuel G., MVHS Prom 2021

Christopher G., MVHS Prom 2021

Brandon Z., MVHS Prom 2021

Tuomas C., MVHS Prom 2021

Ethan P., and Madison S. Heritage HS Prom 2020

Brent P. Prom 2020

Logan P. Prom 2020
Chad P. CHS Prom 2020

Chad P. CHS Prom 2020

Jacob O. CHS Prom 2020

Tyler H.  and  Jacob O.  CHS Prom 2020

Aaron E. Tem. Prep Prom 2020

Eddie A. Heritage HS Prom 2020

Antwaun H. VMHS Prom 2020

Cody L. Calvary HS Prom 2019
Andrew M. EHS Prom 2020 with sister Alycia

Andrew M. EHS 2020

Anthony M.  MMHS Prom 2020
Chris K and Bienne P. TVHS Prom 2020 

Josh H. FBHS Prom 2020

Christian G. FBHS Prom 2020

Riley S. TVHS 2020

Rich L. 2020

Travis R. and Kailyn MMHS 2019

Damian P. GOHS 2019

James M. TCHS 2019

Ford M. San Clemente HS 2019

Adam C. and Wyatt M. LSC 2019
Adam C. and Will H. LCS 2019

Kevin W. LCS 2019

Jhosh A. Rancho Christian HS 2019

Nathan S. LCS 2019
Marshall W. LCS 2019

Garrett P. and Kiki M. LCS 2019

Email message from Kiki: Thanks so much for the suit and all your love. We’re so Thankful for all you do for the community.

Cooper W. LSC 2019

Adam C. LCS 2019

Grady T., TVHS  2019

Timothy N. and Anthony S. VMHS 2019

Anthony S. VMHS 2019
Ethan E. Tem. Prep HS 2019

Jacob O. CHS 2019

Giovanni P. TVHS 2019

Christopher K. TVHS 2019

Alec M. Bonsall HS 2019

Robert L., Jr. San Jacinto Valley Academy  
8th Grade Promotion 2019

Amir A. TVHS 2019

Matthew R. TVHS 2019
Griffin F. Hamilton HS 2019

Jakob S. VMHS 2019

Ryan C. CHS 2019

Ryan C. and Chris M. CHS 2019

Liam W. TVHS 2019

Andrew C. CHS 2019

Tyler H. TVHS 2019

Jaden R. CHS 2019
Jon M. & Alexis C. PVHS 2019

Carson A. GOHS 2019

Email message: "Thank you for making me look like a million bucks out there on the

dance floor! You guys were really nice and friendly and I hope we get

to meet sometime in the future.

Nick R. MVHS 2019

Kevin G. MVHS 2019

Max T. MMHS 2019

Jeremy T. MVHS 2019

Cody P. PVHS 2019

Payton and Dylan B. MVHS 2019

Payton and Dylan B. CHS 2019

David D. Newview Bridge HS 2019

Josh W. Valiant Prep Academy 2019
Leander B. Prom 2019

Pierce G. TVHS 2019

Carter P. PVHS 2019

Saxton V. GOHS Prom 2019

Michael and Katia G.  - Father Daughter Dance 2019

Mike Grumkoski, 10/21/2019 (5 Stars Google)

I have rented 2 tuxedos from Class Act for father/daughter dances. The owners, Shae and Sal, are always fantastic to work with, making sure that the tuxedo fits correctly and making sure that I have enough room to dance! They are always friendly, professional and so quick. They are fantastic to work with and I look forward to seeing them again.

Johnathan S. PVHS 2019

Spencer B. Santa Rosa Academy 2019

Caleb P. TVHS 2019

Isaiah L. Steele Canyon HS 2019

William H. VMHS 2019

Alex and Noah O. VMHS 2019

Alex O. VMHS 2019

Burgundy suit

Jamari S. TVHS Prom 2018 Burgundy tuxedo

Benildo P. MVHS 2019

AJ R., MVHS 2019

Dylan B. GOHS Home Coming 2019

Logan M. MVHS Home Coming 2019

Aiden S. GOHS Home Coming 2019

Angelo C. - Quinceanera 2019

Damian C. VMHS 2019 and 2018

Logan N. LSHS 2019

Ryan M. Rancho Christian HS 2019
Freddy H. LSHS 2019

Tavita D. VMHS 2019
Jonny M. LSHS 2019

Armando M. and Jonny M. LSHS 2019

Jake A. VMHS 2019

Jake A and Isaiah G. VMHS 2019

Michael S. TVHS 2019
Jayden E. VMHS 2019

Garrett T. TVHS 2019

Ethan K. VMHS 2019

Notoowish G. Valley Center HS 2019

Howard A. Valley Center HS 2019

Ivory  and Black shawl lapel tuxedo (available in indigo, red, black, white)
Jaden S. RCHS Prom 2018- Shawl lapel tuxedo

Tyler F. TVHS 2019

Matthew L. MMHS 2019

Hugo C. VMHS 2019

Be cool in color - Purple suit (available in red, yellow, hunter green, blue and white

Ian C. Julian Charter HS 2019

Michael C. TVHS 2019

Roman H. VMHS 2019

Josh H. GOHS 2019

Josh H. GOHS 2019

Jacob F. PVHS 2019

Mason C. PVHS 2019

Anthony B. PVHS 2019

Harper B. (on the right) MVHS 2019

Josh L. MMHS 2019
Jesus E. VMHS 2019

William M. TCHS 2019

Jacob B. TCHS 2019

William M. and Jacob B. TCHS 2019

Wesley M. and Mitchell M. MVHS 2019

Luke C. GOHS 2019

Nolan U. MVHS 2019

Jacob and Brandon GOHS 2019

Jeremiah S. VMHS 2019

Nick G. Rancho Christian HS 2019
Adam B. TVHS 2019

Tyler H. Hamilton HS 2019

Eric G. MVHS 2019

Rudy C. GOHS 2019
Sam T., Will M., and Tyler S. Santa Rosa Academy 2019

Ben W. GOHS 2019

Jacob B. Tem. Prep HS 2019

Preston M. GOHS 2019

Ian W. GOHS 2019

Jay A. PVHS 2019

Donovan L. Prom 2019

Adam C. Tem Prep. 2019
Jack C. CHS 2019

William C. CHS 2019

Gavin G. MVHS 2019

Jack G. MVHS 2019

Marshall S. VMHS 2019

Nevin S. Santa Rosa Academy 2019

Maxwell M. VMHS 2019 "Getting ready for Prom"

Drew M. GOHS 2019

Nathan W.  Tahquitz HS 2019

Getting ready for Prom - Taylor H. GOHS 2017
Tanner T. Julian Charter HS 2019

Shaun G. Redlands East Valley HS 2019

Coby B. Heritage HS 2019
Christian G. MMHS 2019

Lloyd K. Heritage HS 2019

Christopher E. Heritage HS 2019

Cade L. PVHS 2019

Bobby V. Western Center Academy 2019

James D. TVHS 2019
Bryan A. MMHS 2019

Jake M. TVHS 2019

Steven P. and best friend Brody TVHS 2019

Dominick N. San Jacinto HS 2019

Shawn C. Heritage HS 2019

Ron C. 2019

Jake A. GOHS 2019

Aiden C. PVHS 2019

Jian M. GOHS 2019
Jeremy S. MVHS 2019

Manuel L. PVHS 2019

Cody H. MVHS 2019

Ismail T. West Valley HS 2019

Ismail T, Alex Z., and Saul B. West Valley HS 2019

Fabian R. Tahquitz HS 2019

Jakob H. West Valley HS 2019

Francisco C. Tahquitz HS 2019

Mark N. PVHS 2019

James A. PVHS 2019

Ryan T. TVHS 2019

Rhett W. Hemet HS 2019

Bryant A., Jr. TCHS 2019

Kevin D. Prom 2018 - Classic Notch lapel tuxedo 
Will O. PVHS Prom 2018 - Black velvet jacket

Peak lapel tuxedo
Classic notch lapel tuxedo  - black and white 

Kian and Iman K. GOHS Prom 2018

Adrian S. GOHS Prom 2018 

TVHS Home Coming 2018
Amir  with lil sis Amani (lft) and Big Sis Amari (rt.)

Connor P. MMHS Prom 2018

Chris M. LHS Prom 2018

Preston M., GOHS Home Coming 2018

What a wonderful experience! My son had Homecoming, and they were efficient and so incredibly helpful. Such a wonderful family owned business .I recommend Class Act to anyone, we will definitely be going back! Thank you again. 

Sincerely, Janice Miller

Peyton F. VMHS Home Coming 2018
Charlie P. TVHS Prom 2018

Tristan B. TVHS Prom 2018
Ryan K. CCHS Prom 2018
Dylan B.  attended the  Beverly Hills Backdraft Ball to celebrate his dad's award 

Bryce R. VMHS Prom 2018

Andres B. Prom 2018

Ricky A. NWBHS Prom 2018

Matthew R. TVHS Prom 2018
Will O. PVHS Prom 2018

David O. GOHS Prom 2018

Will B. MVHS Prom 2018

Gage W. MVHS Prom 2018
Patrick D. GOHS Prom 2018

Nathan G. GOHS Prom 2018

Ethan M. CHS Prom 2018

Jason K., JR. Tem. Prep Prom 2018

Dakota D.  CHS Prom 2018  

Kent M. CHS Prom 2018
Jesus R. NVM HS Prom 2018

Manuel J. TVHS Prom 2018
Liam W. TVHS Prom 2018

Charlie F. VMHS Prom 2018
Austin M. TVHS Prom 2018

Jayson P. TVHS Prom 2018
Kalei T. VMHS Prom 2018

Ethan N. Cal LHS Prom 2018

Tyriq B CHS Prom 2018

Jaden R. CHS Prom 2018
John G. Hemet Prom 2018

Thomas M. Tem Prep Prom 2018
Devan H. and Hassan G. TVHS Prom 2018

Victor T. MVHS Prom 2018
Travis A. TVHS Prom 2018

Dylan P.  VMHS Prom 2018
Russell C. TCHS Prom 2018

Noah S. GOHS Prom 2018

Johnathan G. and Brooke TVHS Prom 2018

Jake G. CMHS Prom 2018
Addison S. CHS Prom 2018

Michael L. CHS Prom 2018

Dylan L. CHS Prom 2018

Saul E. Tem. Prep Prom 2018
Jacob J. GOHS Prom 2018

Brandon J. GOHS Prom 2018

Trent V. TCHS Prom 2018

Chase M. MMHS Prom 2018

Hayden H. MMHS Prom 2018

Jordan M. MMHS Prom 2018

Carlos C. GOHS Prom 2018

Brandon P. GOHS Prom 2018 (Prom on The USS Midway)

Miles W. GOHS Prom 2018

Justin C. GOHS Prom 2018

Jeremy S. MVHS Prom 2018

Jacob H. GOHS Prom 2018

Max D. PVHS Prom 2018
Gabriel A. GOHS Prom 2018

Gabriel A. and Justin V. GOHS Prom 2018
Justin W. LCS Prom 2018

Noah R. TVHS Prom 2018

Riley B. GOHS Prom 2018

Wesley S. PVHS Prom 2018
Louis L. GOHS Prom 2018

Nick R. PVHS Prom 2018

Robert P. CHS Prom 2018

Jaden W. Tem Prep. Prom 2018
Nathan A. GOHS Prom 2018

Cesar D. GOHS 2018

Caleb R. MVHS Prom 2018

Cameron B. TCHS Prom 2018

Brandon M. MVHS Prom 2018

Peyton L. CMCHS Prom 2018

JC B. CHS Prom 2018

Red C. VMHS Prom 2018

Topher C. GOHS Prom 2018
Adrian V. GOHS Prom 2018

Cameron D. Prince GOHS Prom 2018
Ben L. GOHS Prom 2018

Gabe G. MVHS Prom 2018
Cameron M. TVHS Prom 2018
Thomas W. LCS Prom 2018

Chris W.  PVHS Prom 2018

Chris W. PVHS Prom 2017
Zach M. GOHS Prom 2018

Coby B. PVHS Prom 2018

Joseph C. MVHS Prom 2017

Joseph C. wearing Class Act Tuxedo in 7th grade
Elyas S. MVHS Prom 2018

Damian P. GOHS Prom 2018
Logan N. Heritage HS Prom 2018

Mario P.,Jr. MVHS Prom 2018
Steven B. MVHS Prom 2018

Steven B. MVHS Prom 2017
Jacob H. GOHS Prom 2018

Daniel H. Hamilton HS Prom 2018
Ji-reh H. San Jacinto HS Prom 2018

                             Ji-reh H. San Jacinto HS Prom 2018
Joel F. MVHS Prom 2018

Message from Joel's mom - Kate (via e-mail) -May 2, 2018
Hello Shae,

I wanted to thank you for taking care of Joel’s tuxedo and suit needs through the years. You made him feel so welcome and like he was the only customer. We recommend you all the time and will continue to do so as you have always exceeded our expectations. 
Kate F.

Jaydn G. Heritage HS Prom 2018

Logan and Lucas S. PVHS Prom 2018

John C. GOHS Prom 2018
Quinton A. GOHS Prom 2018

Noah T. MVHS 2018

Yerry M. FBHS Prom 2018
Allan M. EHS Prom 2018

Chris S. EHS Prom 2018
Peyton C. LCS Prom 2018

Cooper W. LCS Prom 2018

Conner K. LCS Prom 2018
Fred E. FBHS Prom 2018

Tanner M. LCS Prom 2018

Andrew S. Santa Rosa Academy HS Prom 2018

Tyler M. Heritage HS Prom 2018

Tyler M. as a young boy pictured with his mother wearing his first Class Act Tuxedo:)
Donald F. EHS Prom 2018

Isaiah H. EHS Prom 2018

Aidan T. LCS 2017

Andrew B. Hamilton HS Prom 2018
Nathan J. Heritage HS Prom 2018

Taylor Y. and Tanner M. LCS Prom 2018

Manny P. Heritage HS Prom 2018

Manny P. Heritage HS rocking cornrows (braided hair) to top off his stylish tuxedo
Fabian R. Tahquitaz HS Prom 2018

Randall G. and Anthony A. LCHS Prom 2018
Jaylyn S. EHS Prom 2018

DeMetrius K. EHS Prom 2018
John H. WVHS Prom 2018

Giovanni EHS Prom 2018

Tyler B. Hamilton Prom 2018

Elijah L. EHS Prom 2018

Ricardo P. WVHS  Prom 2018

Eli E. EHS Prom 2018

Enrique M. EHS Prom 2018

Enrique M EHS Prom 2017
Carlos O. EHS Prom 2018

Dylan Y. EHS Prom 2018
Julian E. River Springs CHS Prom 2018

Taylor B. EHS Prom 2018
Brodie C. and his 18 year old Horse Homie - PVHS Prom 2017

Ernesto C. GOHS Prom 2017

                                 Isaiah H. EHS Prom 2017
Peyton C. LCS Prom 2017
"First School Dance" - Rodney F. with his classmate at their second grade ballroom dance 2017'

Chris PVHS Prom 2017

J.T. GOHS Prom 2017

Lincoln W., III Cornerstone HS Homecoming 2017

Joshua S. VMHS Homecoming 2017

Zach D. WVHS Prom 2018

Zach D. WVHS Prom 2017
Will O. PVHS Prom 2017

Zach F. MVHS Prom 2016

Garrett P. LCS Homecoming 2017

Matthew M. MMHS Homecoming 2017
Anthony and Nicholas (water polo players) MMHS Homecoming 2017

Anthony M., MMHS Homecoming 2016
Joey H. LCS Prom 2017

Jordan J. LCS Prom 2017
Danny M. CHS Prom 2017

Clay M. LCS Prom 2017
Jacob G. TVHS Prom 2017

Alex C. PVHS Prom 2017

Corey M. PVHS 2017

Evan R. GOHS Prom 2017

Bertin M. CHS Prom 2017 
Dominic R. LCS Prom 2017

Josh B. LCS Prom 2017

Parker B LCS Prom 2017

John, Nate, Trenton, Clay, and Caleb - LCS  Prom 2017

Sam B. Tem. Prep Prom 2017

Sean S. GOHS Prom 2017

Dominik V.  MMHS Prom 2017

Ben F. EHS Prom 2017

Anthony G. GOHS Prom 2017

Tyler M. Hemet HS Prom 2017

Blake M. PVHS Prom 2017

Gabe V. PVHS Prom 2017
Ryan L. GOHS Prom 2017

Reed B. CMCHS Prom 2017

Everett F. MMHS Prom 2017

Trent H. GOHS Prom 2017

Dane C. GOHS Prom 2017
Spencer B. Prom 2017

Gavin J. GOHS Prom 2017
Nathan H. Prom 2017

Cody P. GOHS Prom 2017
Connor O. GOHS Prom 2017

Zach M. GOHS Prom 2017

Kyle D. Hemet HS Prom 2017
Kendall D. GOHS Prom 2017

Brandon F. GOHS Prom 2017

Topher C. GOHS prom 2017

TJ C. PVHS Prom 2017

Bradley B. CHS Prom 2017

Blake H. CHS Prom 2017
Fernando C. CMHS Prom 2017

Brady B. Prom 2017

Brothers - Zack and Zane A.  GOHS Prom 2017

Zack A. GOHS Prom 2017
Zack A. GOHS Prom 2017

Brody F., Taylor C., and Cameron C. TVHS Prom 2017

Johnathan L. Tem. Prep Prom 2017
Connor M. and Janae CHS Prom 2017

Justin B. GOHS Prom 2017
Andrew S. FBHS Prom 2017

Andrew S. FBHS Prom 2017
Nick G. PVHS 2017

Brendan B. Perris HS prom 2017

Tony M. CHS Prom 2017

Dino O. PVHS Prom 2017

Nick M. VMHS Prom 2017

Sergio M. TVHS Prom 2017
Omar A. EHS prom 2017

Caydon R. VMHS Prom 2017

Mathew Y. VMHS Prom 2017

Tyler H. TCHS Prom 2017
Mitch M. VMHS Prom 2017

Nick N. EHS Prom 2017
Jacob P. VMHS Prom 2017

Nikko L. EHS Prom 2017

Jake W. EHS Prom 2017

Tommy S. VMHS Prom 2017
Logan P. EHS Prom2017

Patrick A. VMHS Prom 2017

Luke K. TVHS Prom 2017

Christopher R. EHS Prom 2017

Matt N. PVHS Prom 2017

Ludvig TVHS Prom 2017
Gianni T. EHS Prom 2017

Erik G. TVHS Prom 2017

Erick G. PVHS Prom 2017

Sean T. VMHS Prom 2017

Michael N. PVHS Prom 2017

Trevor M. VMHS Prom 2017
Evelyn and Anthony B. EHS Prom 2017

Jake and Anabelle Prom 2017
Cole C. and Makayla VMHS  Prom 2017
Connor M. TVHS Prom 2017

Mark F. TVHS Prom 2017

Lorenzo G. EHS Prom 2017

Troy B. and Bethany TVHS Prom 2017

           Troy B. releasing his doves before heading to Prom

Tony M. TVHS Prom 2017

Yesenia and Alex Heritage HS Prom 2017

Noah R. TVHS Prom 2017

Juan M. TVHS Prom 2017

Evan P. TVHS Prom 2017

Joel F. Prom 2017

Mason M. MVHS Prom 2017

Steven B. MVHS Prom 2017

Jordon S. TVHS Prom 2017

Trevor S. Heritage HS Prom 2017

D'Maggio MVHS Prom 2017

Grant H. TVHS Prom 2017

Dante N. TVHS Prom 2017

Dasanee G. MVHS Prom 2017

Arturo V. FBHS Prom 2017

Anthony A. TVHS Prom 2017

Dustin W.  West Valley H.S. Prom 2017

Dylan W. West Valley H.S. Prom 2017
Devin F. West Valley H.S. Prom 2017

Dustin and Dylan W.  West Valley H.S. Prom 2017
Jett H. West Valley H.S. Prom 2017

John B. West Valley H.S. Prom 2017
Brandon F. GOHS Prom 2016

Austin T. GOHS Prom 2016 

Anthony K. GOHS Prom 2016 

Matthew N. PVHS Prom 2016


Michael N. PVHS Prom 2016

Cameron L. Hemet HS Prom 2016

Drake M. GOHS 2016

Zach H. TCHS Prom 2016 

Bertin M. CHS Prom 2016 

Chad T. GOHS Prom 2016 

Ryan L. and Colton I. GOHS Prom 2016 

Glaser H. TVHS Prom 2016 

Josue M. TVHS Prom 2016 

Tristan M. RCHS Prom 2016 

The White Tuxedo is a prom favorite - 

Pictured is Aaron (Class Act Tuxedo Model)

Javier L.  made a bold move in selecting a burgundy suit for prom.  He wears it well:) VMHS Prom 2015 

Pictured is Alex G. and Silvia H. in royal blue. Alex, a senior, has been our customer since 7th grade band. After HS he plans to attend San Francisco State University. MVHS Prom 2015

Best Wishes! 

Chandler S. and Juliana TVHS Prom 2015 

Elsinore HS (EHS) Prom 2014 - Actor (Disney) Ryan Ochoa (12th grade) with actress Sammi Hanratty in (Mom's Night Out) in theaters now!:). This is Ryan's second visit to our shop to get suited up and we look forward to many more occasions. Ryan, We wish you much continued success! 

Marco and Roasario J. TVHS 2014 

Fallbrook Prom 2015- Santana L. and his date stepped out in navy blue for prom. Santana is wearing a navy blue tuxedo with navy accessories. He is a freshman, so we look forward to suiting him up for many more dances and special occasions. His career goal is to become a Marine biologist and an angler. 

Home Coming 2013- Linfield CHS 

Noah Y. Jack D., and Austin H.  All three wearing a classic 2 button notch lapel fitted tuxedo coat, lay down collar shirts, and tailored pant, accessories (vest/tie/bow tie).  Looking Sharp!

Dylan F. - 2013 2 button notch 

                          2 Button Peak Tuxedo 

Bryson E. - 2013 2 button Notch 

Kyle S. 2014 Prom 

(Class Act Tuxedo Model)

A visitor from Italy - Thomas B., a senior at EHS, dressed in style with the color coral to prom. At the end of the school year he will head home to Italy to enjoy another senior year.  Prom 2015

Kase G., a junior on the baseball team, made a home run when he showed up in classic black and white. MVHS Prom 2015

Chandler S. and Bailey GOHS Prom 2015 

Kyle S. - 2013 2 Button Notch 

MVHS Prom 2014- Tristan R. sporting the classic 2 button notch lapel will play water polo for USC and major in business administration this Fall. Congrats! Thanks for the photo:) 

Zach R. - 2013 2 Button Peak lapel 

 Matt Palmer Heritage HS 2014

                    White Tuxedo with Bow Tie 

Dakota and Mason - 2013 Both in 2 Button Notch 

 Chase -2013 2 Button White Tuxedo 

Brandon P. GOHS Prom 2015

Kylan B. stepped out in a Heather gray tuxedo and magenta accessories - SRA Prom 2015

Nick F. and Serena GOHS Prom 2015 

Connor M., a junior, attended prom wearing navy to compliment his dates dress. VMHS Prom 2015

Tanner Y. MVHS 2015

Torin W. and his two dates Nia and Deja. GOHS Prom 2015

Patrick B.- TVHS Senior  2014      



"Suiting up Gents across the U.S." - Chris D. and his date looking glamorous at their prom in Albany, GA. Chris purchased his white tuxedo with black shawl lapel from us and is wearing it in great style! He is a senior and plans on studying business. We wish him well. 

Jacob R. - 2013 2 button Peak Lapel 

   Mirage Tuxedo 

Cole - 2013  2 Button Notch

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