A Salute to Our American Heroes 

In the Spring of 2013 Class Act Tuxedo was gifted a Dress Blues uniform from Orlando G. (Marine GySgt.), one of our repeat customers, as a "thank you" for  our customer service.  Since that time, other customers that have served or that are still serving in the military continue to gift  us with their beautiful keepsakes as a token of appreciation.  To date, we have 300 uniforms and 45 beautiful coins!

These Blues and uniforms are not rented, sold, or worn and are handled with care.  We hang them on display for our customers to enjoy and to be reminded that men and women, like our customers, are putting it on the line when they suit up in defense of our country's freedom. 

We thank you for supporting our family business and for making us apart of your family,

Shae and Sal


  • SPC Dillon Agnew, 9 years in the Army a Combat medic gifted us a 2nd Calvary unit crest "Toujours Prêt (Always Ready)" for the only full American Army unit in Europe- Vilseck, Germany

  • HM1(SW/FMF/EXW/1W) Lawrence Librando, 16 years in the Navy - Hospital Corpsman, gifted us  a USN coin with the Philippine Flag 

  • Spc Samuel Esparza, Third Ranger Battalion Special operations, served in the Army for four years.  He gifted us with "Rangers Lead the Way" coin. 

  • Antonio T. Williams LS1/PO1, 14 years in the Navy (Submariner) Logistic Specialist, has gifted us with six beautiful coins: 1) Commander Submarine Group Seven- "Silent Warriors Yokosuka Japan; 2) Naval Base Point Loma CPOA Deckplate Leadership "Experts in the fields...Direction...Leadership...Support...Communication; 3) CMDCM (SW) Matthew Danforth Command Master Chief "USN Motivated - Presented for Excellence Honor -Courage-Commitment"; 4) USS Michigan Tuebor "Presented by the Commanding Officer SSGN-727"; 5) USS Michigan Tuebor "Presented by CMDCM (SS) Victor Smith  USN Command - Honor - Courage- Commitment"; and 6) USN Command Presented by Command Master Chief Naval Base Point Loma "Mission First Sailors Always"

  • 1st LT Nathan Fortezzo, 2 years in the Marine Corps gifted us with his coin from the VT-9 Tigers in TW-1 located in Meridian , MS.  Nathan is a student in flight school - a program that is 60 weeks.  He is looking forward to graduating in May or June at which time he will be pinned with wings and designated as a Naval Aviator. Congratulations!  ***I spoke to Nathan about three weeks ago over the phone when he called in to reserve a suit for his uncles wedding here in California.  He made mention of our website and in particular this page, which salutes our American Heroes, and promised to bring a coin to add to our collection.  Today, December 29, Nathan walked in with not only a beautiful coin, but with two brothers to rent from us as well.  What a great way to wrap up 2015 - a gift and support for our family business:)  

  • Sgt MAJ  Al Ruiz served in the Marines for 30 years.  He was the Senior enlisted for the Fifth Marines Division - The Marine Corps' Most Highly Decorated Regiment.  Al gifted us  a coin from The Fighting Fifth for Excellence -Teufel Hunden.

  • MSgt.  Lee, Eric E USMC, 18 years in the Marines and 4 Deployments (2 in Iraq and 2 in Afghanistan) gifted us with his Regional Command (SW) Air Ground Team Coin which is from the last Afghanistan Deployment.  RC(SW) closed all bases in Afghanistan in October 2013.  He also gave us a beautiful coin holder  that he made out of wood for us to display our coins:)

  • Mark S. Larson, Col, USAFR Commander, 931st Air Refueling Group, serving in the Air Force since 1985 gifted his "Outstanding Performance Kanza Warrior Coin."

  • Sgt MAJ Dave Jobe, Senior enlisted for 1st Marine Division gifted his "Guadalcanal 1st Battle Coin."

    • Moses Rivas HM1 (SW), 19 years in the Navy gifted  his "Duty-Honor-Courage-Warriors of the Sea" Coin.

    • Lieutenant Commander Danny Vaughan, served 29 years Navy Special Forces gifted  his "Special Weapons for Special Operations Coin."

    • LtCol D. R. Wright, 21 years Marines gifted  his "INI Inspector Instructor Coin."

    • David Diaz, Air Force gifted his "Security Forces Coin."

                                            "DRESS BLUES AND OTHER UNIFORMS GIFTED - THANK YOU!

    Russell B., LCDR US Navy 30 years (Deputy Force Ordnance Officer) gifted us his Dress Blue Officer Jacket.  Thank you for your years of service and commitment to our country.

    Peter T. LCDR/USN RET. served 23 years in the United States Navy as a Mustang, Aviator/Pilot, and Submarines.  Peter has more than 10 deployments around the world.  He gifted us our first Dinner Dress Blues and Desert flight suit!  Thank you for your years of service and commitment to our country.

    Gabriel Celis MK E5, served 8 years  8 months active duty and 3 years reserves in the Coast Guard. Gabe gifted us our first uniform item from the Coast Guard his MUNRO 378 724 HULLTT.  Gabe wore this dress cap while working on the Alaskan Ranger Rescue (Bering Sea) and during travels to Peru, Panama, El Salvador, Hawaii, Japan and Korea.  Thank you for your years of service and commitment to our country.

    Lawrence Librando HM1(SW/FMF/EXW/1W), 16 years in the Navy - Hospital Corpsman, gifted us  with his hospital scrubs and a USN coin with the Philippine Flag.  Lawerence has been honored with 4 warfare qualifications. Thank you for your years of service and commitment to our country.


    Antonio T. Williams LS1/PO1, 14 years in the Navy (Submariner) Logistic Specialist,  came into our shop to get tuxedos for he and his wedding party.  After seeing our gifts on display, Antonio promised to bring us a coin and a uniform.  However, to our surprise, he gifted us with six beautiful coins (description of coins are above in the "Challenge Coins section), and Several uniforms that have survived his many deployments.   Antonio has been deployed three times. His uniforms were worn in the 2003 Operation Iraqi Freedom and have experienced ocean environments of the Mediterranean, Italy, Scotland, Norway, England, Greece, Canada, Guam, Hawaii, Japan, S. Korea, Philippines.  Among the uniforms that Antonio gifted us are: Dress Blues for ceremonies and deployments, utilities work shirt and jacket that were discontinued in 2007 now vintage, uniforms from first shore duty NPTU Charleston,  vintage Navy raincoat, a Cap that Antonio wore from 2003 to 2007 on his first ship - signed and dated by Antonio, and underway sweatshirts from 1st and 2nd tours.  

    We thank you for these awesome gifts and for you commitment  to our country!  Congratulations on your wedding and Best wishes!

    Gedrick Gubatina, OS2 (ASW Instructor) serving in the Navy for 6 years gifted us with his VBSS Boarding Flight Suit (Pictured above) and his NSU (Navy Service Uniform- tan shirt and black pant).  The VBSS Boarding Flight Suit is worn during counter drug trafficking missions.  Best wishes and much appreciation for your service.

    Bryan Ricci, OS1(SW/AW) Operation Specialist First Class serving in the Navy 7 years gave us his uniform and "Dixie Cup" Hat.  Bryan is a navigator on the LCAC . 

    LCAC - The landing craft air cushion (LCAC) is a high-speed, over-the-beach fully amphibious landing craft capable of carrying a 60-75 ton payload. It is used to transport weapons systems, equipment, cargo and personnel from ship to shore and across the beach.

    Best wishes to Bryan and his crew as  they head out to Sea.

    "You're as Good as Your Word":  Two years ago Sgt. Anthony Bellville (Flight Equipment Technician) came into our shop on New Year's Eve 2013' for a suit rental.  During his visit we talked about his career as a Marine and how fortunate our shop is to have been gifted so many Blues and uniforms from our customers (active and retired).  When Anthony returned his suit he mentioned that he would be away for a year and that when he returned he would gift us with a uniform.  He actually put us (Shae/Class Act Tuxedo) on his phone calendar a year out as a reminder. I was so honored at the thought that - that was a gift in itself.  So, yesterday 2 years later in walks a young man with a Dress Blues coat over his arm, along with another gentleman and a young lady.  When I approached them and asked "how could I assist them" Anthony smiled and asked" do you remember me?"  Given that he had a uniform in his hand I knew he must have been here before... as I hesitated to answer Anthony continued with "remember I told you..."  And, Immediately I remembered him and blurted out "You put us on your calendar!"  Anthony smiled and said "yes I did."  I couldn't believe that this young man now 23 years old and 5 years with the Marines remembered us and kept his promise.  He apologized for it taking an additional year and that he kept us on his calendar for when he returned home.  In addition to gifting us with his beautiful coat, Anthony brought in his lovely bride to be  and new brother in-law for us to suit up for his upcoming wedding.    Needless to say the day was set on a high note and this visit made me think about the importance of keeping your word, having honor and integrity, the act of being kind, and how much we appreciate our customers.

     We are so honored to know Anthony and thank you for your commitment to our country.  We look forward to being apart of your very Special Day!

     Nelson E. from La Puente CA 12 years in the Marines- Staff Sgt/ Maint. Mgt. Chief

    Johnny Robinson  from Georgia 20 years in Marines E8 Master Sgt./Supply Logistics

    LaVance B., from Chicago recently retired  with 26 years in Marines-E8 Master Sgt/Sr. Advisor of operations

    Orlando G. from Long Beach CA 14 1/2 years in Marines- GySgt - Gifted us our first Dress Blues!

    Oscar Giron, US Navy CAPT, gifted us with his commander's uniform! Oscar served in the Navy for 30 years as a Supply Corps Officer (Business manager of the Navy). Of the many deployments that he can remember, Oscar was deployed nine times to the Western Pacific, and twice to the Middle East. In the words of Oscar, " I'm giving you 30 years of my life." We appreciate your gift of commitment, sacrifice of time and family to serve our country!

    Sgt Robert Frederick, Commanding General's Enlisted Aide, served in the Marines for 8 years as a personal chef to the Commander. Robert has been a customer of ours over the years, and we are so grateful to receive this gift of your dress Blues and thank you for your commitment to our country. We also had the honor of dressing Robert and his groomsmen for his  wedding.

    Luis served in the Marines for 4 years - Infantry machine gunner (240 B, 50 Cal  machine  gun, and MK 19). We had the honor of suiting up Luis for his brother Mike's  wedding,  whose also a Marine. Thanks again for not one but several  beautiful   uniforms that you gave our shop:)) We thank you for your years of   commitment and dedication to our country! 

    Our Groom Anthony Lay, LCpl gifted us with an Officer's uniform (coat, 2 pair of pants, two shirts, a tie and tie clip, and the original USMC garment bag) that was given to him 5 years ago by the Marine. This came as a big surprise, for Anthony had already gifted us with one of his Dress blues. We are so grateful for this gift, for it represents a person's commitment and sacrifice for country. 

    Our groom Richie Heard, HM3 US Navy Corps Man, gifted us with his jacket (This style jacket is referred to as "The Johnny Cash"). Richie is in his fourth year serving our country (23 years old) and his job entails making sure our men and women have their vaccinations, answers sick calls, draws blood, etc. Basically he works to keep our troops healthy while on the ground. Richie's unit is attached to the Marine Air Wing. We are so grateful for your commitment and sacrifice of time. 

     Jerry C. Retired Officer- Captain.  served in the Marines for 21 years (1955 to  1976) Marine aviation. Gifted his Officer's Dress uniform.

    A Salute to Our American Hero: Sgt. Alecia Strawther 12/31/1980 - 11/6/2010
    Alecia served in the US Army and completed her tour in the Alpha Company, Warrior Transition Battalion of Fort Lewis, Washington. She received several awards and decorations during her career: Army Commendation Medal, Army achievement Medal (3), Army Good Conduct medal (2), National defense Service Medal, Global War on Terrorism Service Medal, Korean Defense Service Medal, Military Outstanding Volunteer Service Medal, Non commissioned Officers Professional Development Ribbon, Army Service Ribbon, Overseas ribbon (2), and the Combat and Special Skill Badge Basic Marksmanship Qualification Badge. 

    Alecia's mother Vonzile decided to gift us with Alecia's army jacket after seeing the many we have received on display. Vonzile told us that she believed our shop was the ideal resting place for her daughter’s special jacket, and that we would appreciate this very special gift. We do appreciate the gift of Alecia's Army Jacket and are grateful for this opportunity to share her story with our customers/friends.
    Thank you Alecia for your commitment and dedication
    to serving our country.

    Alison C. from St. Kitts 23 years in Marines Master Sgt./Career Planner. Alison gifted us our first female Dress blues!

     Noel Niaves (San Antonio Texas) Retired Sgt. E-5.  Served 8 years in the  Marines  (July 1987 to Jan 1995) / Small Weapons Repair (2111).  Noel Gifted two Dress blues jackets.

    GySgt. Fernando, G. III. Fernando has been serving in the Marines for 15 1/2 years and is an instructor at the Military School (Sergeants Course) SNCOAW, SNCOIC. We had the pleasure of suiting up Fernando for his wedding, and as promised he presented us with his Dress Blues with pant, and a Charlies uniform! We at Class Act Tuxedo thank you for sharing your family history with us and do look forward to suiting up you and your son for future events.

    Camille (Tampa, Fl.) and Loren B. (Los Angeles) Navy - Camille has been in  the navy   for 8 years and her husband Loren has been in for 6 years.  Both are HM2s  (Marine Corpsman) gifted their working white and black uniforms.

    Kenneth P.,YN1/E6, has served with the Navy for 12 years and works in the Human Resources Dept.  Kenneth gifted us with his working white uniform and working Blues.  These uniforms have been replaced with a different look, so we have a bit of vintage to add to our growing collection:)  Thank you Kenneth for your dedication, time, and sacrifice for our Country!