CLASS ACT TUXEDO (The Original tux shop of  Temecula Valley)

"Takes the hassle out of renting or buying a Tuxedo / Suit"

We're family owned and have been serving Temecula and surrounding areas for over 30 years from the same location!  CLASS ACT TUXEDO is the leading source for Tuxedo/Suit rental or purchase (Slim, Modern, and Classic fits). 
  • We have the largest on-hand inventory in the area to try on and over 100 colors in vest/ties. 
  • Our Customers enjoy quality merchandise at an affordable price and have voted us the best in providing personalized service 
  • We offer same day service, on-site alterations, and a measurement program to accommodate those out of the area. 
  • Class Act Tuxedo supports U.S. made products.   

Contact info: (951) 296-5885 or email 

Shop hours: Mon-Fri. 11 AM to 6 PM,  Sat. 11 AM to 5 PM and Sun. 12 PM to 3 PM (Holiday hours will vary  

Call to schedule an appointment (951)-296-5885

Location: 26459 Ynez Rd. Suite A, Temecula, CA 92591    


                            SHAE -WARDROBE STYLIST

"A gentleman starts each day with a purpose mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually. His humility reflects God's grace and love.  His words are gentle and note worthy.  His actions/attitude/swagger is always calm, cool and collected.  Always well mannered, considerate, uplifting and never bringing harm to others through words or actions.  His style is sought after,  for  he knows how to work clothing to match his gentleman way.  He's got that swag!  A gentleman is admired by all and mimicked by many.  A gentleman practices these basic principles daily, so that he is perfect in everyway. " - Shae

Josh G., 2024

Jeffrey H., 2024

Christopher A., 2023

Caryna C., 2023

Gabriel and Veronica T., 2024

Omar C., 2024

Steve V., 2023

Sean L. 2023
Dressed from head to toe

Ernest C., 2023

Tony E. 2023

Hasid  S., 2023

Guy and Monica H., 2023
Wedding Day!

Adam and Ian S., 2023

Braylen M. 2023

Matthew D., 2022

Leny and Jordan S., 2023

Mark B. with wife and daughter LCHS HC 2023

Darius C., 2023
Navy Tuxedo shawl lapel

Jess A. 
Champagne suit

Matthew E., 2023
Charcoal sharkskin suit

Angel R., 2023

Aiden S., 2023

Henry G. (Groom) 2023

Ezequiel C., 2023

Chris and Jameisha S. 2023

Bill and Mariana N.,  2022

Rudy G. (Indigo Tux), and Father - n- law Fernando (Charcoal Tux)

Caleb E., 2023

Diego, Damian and Brandon A., 2023

JD and Kelsey A., 2021

Elden S. , 2022

Caleb E., 2023

Aiden S.,  2022

Roy and Evelyn R., 2022

GW, C. Sr. ("Pops") WWII Vet (Marine) age 97 
"Looking sharp" 

Quinn H., 2023

Dennis and Laura 2022

Martel F., Jr.

Tony E., Holiday party 2022

The Look of Fall

Calvin and Cally M., 2022

Wesley W. (Crowaley wedding 2022)

David and Leslye W.

Imran A.,  2022

Embracing the color rust

Aaron G., 2020

"How can I help you?"
Jesus V., age 2 

Chris and Pearl C.

Tom and Linda M.

Baylen M., 2024

Ty C., 2024

Dimitri L., 2024

Jeremy M., 2023

Robert  and Arlene L., 2022

David and Breanna A., 2023

Chris and Pearl C., 2024

Jason W., 2024

Johnathan G.

Eric H., 2023

Ana, Elijah and Walter V.  Marine Corps Ball (248th), 2023

Jonel S., 2023

Paul G., JR., 2023
"Wedding Day!"

Marcus V., 2023

Mark and Robbin V.,  2023

Jun F., 2023

Hunter and Sara G., 2023

Jordan and Jonel S., 2023

Ramon and Nancy L. 2023

Ethan B.,  2021

Fernie G., 2022

Allen M.. 2023

Robert and Erika M., 2023

Steven W.,  2022

Parker L. (Groom) 2021

Sonny, April and Dominic M. 2022

Jaylen C.,  2023

Austin and Dany B., 2017

Esparza Family

Hugo, Nathan, Matthew and Lorena

Dominic M., 2023

Jesse S. and groomsmen, 2023

Jorge and Dominique A, 2018

Andre and daughter Hana December 2022

Demetris S., 2023

Lloyd C. , 2021

King Osirius B.

Brian Y., 2021  

Nathan F., 2023

Scott and Diane S. 2023

Andrew V. age 3, and older Brother Emilio V.  age 6

"Getting sized for Uncle Johnathan's wedding"

Andy and Giselle Q., 2022

Timeless  Double Breasted suit
Perfect for any occasion

Tony and Guadalupe G., June 2022
Indigo shawl tuxedo

Junior T.  and Christina V. 2018
Black tuxedo

Andrew G. May 2019

Bob and Ingrid S.

Velvet Blazer and tuxedo jacket
royal blue, black, burgundy, red, and hunter green

Kevin and Kerstin S

  Kase G.

Noah R. 

Chase C., 2024

Riley M., 2024

Duran Family 2024

Adrian J., 2024

Gavin and Lindsay C., 2023

Charlie and Alyx P., 2024

Ethan L., 2024

Bryce and Scout R, 2023

Eric M., 2023 "Father of the Bride"

Jason and Christina L., 2023

Declan M. ,2023

Evan P., 2022
"Wedding Day!"

"Brother of Bride"
Cody W., pictured with baby sister Scout, 2023

Patrick and Erika R.

Aidan C., 2022

Jordan B. , 2023

Keel and Tamara St. R., 2023

Luis B., and Claudine C., 2023

Carter C., 2023

Eric M., and Cassandra F., 2023

Augustin and Vanessa 2023

Lopez Family 
(Kain, David, Sr., Angela and David Jr.) 
Marine Military Ball 2022

Caleb and Carol B., 2023

Jared J., 2022

Ayden H., 2023

Ray B., 2022

Michael D. , 2022

Alex H. 

Jermaine and Irene W., 2023

Dylan F., 2021
"Wedding Day!"

Joshua and Jackie W., 2023

Rolando L., Jr. 2023

Adam C. and Wyatt M. - 

Luis and Alyssa L., 2021

Andre and Yuko J., 
(daughter Hana's wedding) 2022

Osvaldo R. (Ozzy), 2022

Mack W.

Brian W., 2023

Tan suit

Joel P.

Christopher R.

Andy C., 2022

Burgundy suit

Ricardo and Karina H.

Damian P.  

Double Breasted

Kendall D.

Matthew K.

James D. 

Dylan M., 2023